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Knowing the usage trends of Footbe during last season, it became clear to us that our users were not utilizing the tickets much (if at all). Despite having a visual tutorial for that inside the app, tickets remained relatively unused. Therefore we felt we needed to do something to breathe new life into this feature because we consider it to be quite important for tracking efficiency. And just like that, Ticket Wizard was born. 

Ticket Wizard is a new intuitive way of creating tickets based on your preferences and our suggestions. 

Ticket creation process consists of 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Main Settings

Here you should choose ticket type first:

  • Single
  • System
  • Accumulator (Сombination)

When selecting System you should specify the max number of bets (usually bookies have limit from 8 up to 14 events in a single system), and wizard will choose the most suitable events based on our predictions (but no more than max allowed number). When selecting Accumulator bet, you can choose desired total coefficient of your ticket (between 5 and 100), and wizard will add the bets necessary to match the desired total value.

Then you should choose Strategy:

  • Max Win Rate - Strategy aiming to maximize win rate keeping profitability at sufficient level. High odd events are avoided (average odd value ~2.00). Best strategy for people who tends to follow more safe betting strategy.
  • Max Profit - Strategy aiming to maximize the profit. Events considered the most profitable ones are included only. Low odd events are avoided (average odd value ~3.30). The strategy is quite risky and win rate is significantly lesser, but long term ROI is higher.
  • Balanced - Balanced strategy, all ranked events (considered profitable) are included. We track our efficiency using this kind of strategy.

And the last thing - you should choose event types to be used. Currently 3-Way Result and Double Chance are available, other kinds of events will become available later on, once we collect enough history to create reliable suggestions on them.

When making any changes in wizard settings you can see how they influence the number of events available ('8 events' on the screen):

Step 2. Leagues

Here you can select specific leagues to be taken into account.

Another key option is to use games with 'Approved Lineups Only' (if any available) which makes our predictions more accurate. Very useful feature if you want to create a system or accumulator ticket based on the most accurate predictions. All you need is just to create a ticket using this feature at the time when sufficient games with approved lineups are available. E.g. this weekend on Sunday 18 games are played at 17:00, so 15 mins before these games start there should be enough matches available to make an interesting system or accumulator bet.

Step 3. Time Period and Bookmakers

You can choose time period containing the games you want to include (between 1 and 4 days). E.g. on Friday choosing '4 days' option you will see events for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Also you can select bookmakers which propositions will be taken into account (or single bookie in case of System or Accumulator bet).

And, finally, you should select a ticket where filtered events will be added to.

You have 2 options here: add to existing ticket or create a new one. E.g. if you're making bets every day just once a day, and you'd like to track your weekly efficiency, you can use Ticket Wizard every day to create list of new events for a day (using 'Today' period option), and then add it to the same ticket, e.g. 'Week #7'.

'New Ticket' option should be used for System/Accumulator option.

Based on the chosen settings - System (up to 8 events) / Max Profit Strategy, we get the following ticket:

Wizard suggested to use 3 Folds System in order to diversify the risk (an average odd value is quite high). And maximum possible profit for this ticket is +256 points (20 points stake), if all 8 events is won.

Below you can find a few more examples of tickets for current weekend using different settings.

Accumulator (25.0) / Max Win Rate Strategy:

System / Balanced Strategy

Single / Balanced Strategy / Russian Premier League + Eredivisie:

Ticket Wizard is a powerful tool which simplifies the betting process significantly.

We hope you will give this new feature a spin, and once you do, we are confident that you will be convinced to start using it frequently. The Wizard is essentially automatizing ticket creation for you, and it will save you a lot of time by offering 3 core strategies to choose from and by having all those filters you can use to set your own preferences.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. 


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