Why I can't login in footbe app?

Your app account has to be activated before you can login in the app. Make sure to use the activation link in the confirmation email. If you didn't receive a confirmation email, please use the resend activation option in footbe app login screen.

How can I add events into a ticket?

  1. Go to 'Tickets' screen using top menubar.
  2. Create a new ticket first by using the 'New Ticket' button.
  3. Make sure you have at least 1 'Open' ticket. You can add events only to tickets which are not 'Closed'. Simply click on the 'Open' / 'Closed' word to change the ticket status. You can change status, rename or hide your ticket as well by clicking on the ticket's name using your right mouse button.
  4. When you open a newly created ticket, there are no events in it. You can add events on the Fixture Prediction screen. Go to 'Fixtures' screen using top menubar.
  5. Click the bars icon with the 'view' label below in order to open the Fixture screen.
  6. Go to Prediction section.
  7. Use the icon in the 'Tck' column to add events of choice to your ticket.
  8. Selected events will then appear in your ticket.

How do you calculate probabilities?

Probability is an outcome of our statistical models which are based on player rating system models and depends on ratings of players included in starting lineups. The higher average rating of players in starting XI, the more likely for their team to get a positive result. Player ratings are based on different types of team and individual player characteristics, such as recent team performance, player past stats and skills, etc. These ratings are updated at least every 2 weeks in order to reflect the recent player performance.

Why probabilities change before the game?

Probabilities depend on starting lineups, so of course once lineups are announced (usually 30-45 mins before the game) the prediction is changed according to actual lineups. The probabilities based on actual lineups are more accurate than those based on preliminary (forecasted) lineups. Changes in probabilities often alters Footbe's suggestion, that's the main point of using starting lineups data. You will generally have best results by utilizing the suggestions based on confirmed starting lineups.

How your suggestions work? Why not always event with maximum probability is suggested?

Footbe follows the Value Betting approach. Based on this approach, the event with the highest probability is not always suggested, but instead we recommend the one considered as the most profitable in the long term.

Here's an example:

12/2/14 West Brom vs. Chelsea had the following probabilities: 18% - 37% - 44%, and best odds: 8.00 - 4.65 - 1.53. Even though the most probable event according to Footbe's estimate is a Chelsea win, it's not the most profitable option to bet on. Why? Well, let's assume we have 100 matches with the same probabilities/odds. If you make 100 bets of $1 on Chelsea to win, you can expect to win 44 out of 100 bets which means we bet $100 in total and get back $1 * 44 * 1.53 = $67.32. So we actually lose $32.68, or in terms of profit -32.7%. But if we placing 100 bets on a draw (37% chance), we'll get back $1 * 37 * 4.65 = $172.05. That's +$72.05, or +72% profit right there.

What is profitability rank?

Profitability rank defines what profit you can expect long-term. "A" denotes the highest profitability, while "D" denotes the lowest, not-ranked events are not considered profitable at all. So if you bet on A only you should receive higher profit than betting on all A to D ranked events. But you will have much less number of bets when betting on A only, which affects the stability of results (you can win a lot one week, and lose too much another). We're still working on tweaking our ranking system, so we wouldn't recommend to take this rank value to heart at the moment. Sometimes it doesn't work as expected. We recommend betting on ALL ranked events, because this will grant you more reliable and stable results.

Why only 3-way result is suggested to bet on?

Footbe has prediction for 3-way result, over/under and Asian handicap events. However, we currently recommend only 3-Way result events. Unfortunately, we're not able to propose a successful strategy on over/under and Asian handicap since we don't have enough history of odds on these kinds of events. But once sufficient history data is available, we should be able to create a reliable strategy in terms of long-term profit for these type of events as well.

What tactics and formations do? Does changing these settings affects prediction?

Adjusting tactics affects the projected prediction, prior to the official announcement of lineups (usually ~30' before kick-off). Once lineups are announced, prediction changes to its final state.

You're given the flexibility to do that in order to get a more accurate prediction based on your own knowledge and experience (and some limitations of our system when it comes to injured and suspended players).

How quickly is data updated after matches are played?

Data is actually updated live and you can monitor games in-play almost in real-time (for paid subscribers at least).

When to expect a version for Mac or an app for mobile?

We have plans to expand to more platforms eventually, but for now Footbe is Windows only.

How to get premium?

You should create account in footbe app first. Once your account is activated using confirmation e-mail, log in via footbe app and in the options menu select 'Go Premium'. You will see few options there and you'll be redirected to our order page.

How much does it cost?

Footbe is free to download, install and use right away. However, as a free user you'll have unrestricted access to English Premier League only. For other leagues, the following restrictions apply:
• data will be updated just a couple of times during a week (Tuesday morning / Friday morning in general),
• announced starting lineups are not available,
• odds values and livescore is updated only once per hour.

Premium subscription during the beta period is on a 50% discount from the regular price:
• 1 month: £19.99 - €21.99 - $24.99
• 3 months: £39.99 - €43.99 - $49.99
• 6 months: £59.99 - €65.99 - $74.99

If you could forecast football accurately, why are you not using it yourself to make millions?

Footbe is not just another tips service. Prediction engine is just 1 of a dozen features we offer. Footbe combines a lot of unique features:

• ticket management system,
• information on injured/suspended/doubtful players,
• automatic update of starting lineups and change of prediction according to that,
• live odds comparison to select most profitable bookie option,
• livescore and live match stats,
• and a lot of historical data and statistics.

Footbe covers all of your needs. Our aim is to attract a substantial amount of people who place bets on football / soccer events, as this will rather be more successful in terms of ROI for us than direct betting using our recommendations engine.

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