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Update not working

Started by wudl83 - September 14, 2015

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#1 wudl83

12 Posts

2015-09-14 14:17

I used footbe some months ago and liked it very much. But I had a problem. Everytime I ran the program and wanted to update to see new recommendations, starting lineups, and so on, the update lasted forever and never finished.

In the 2 pics below you can see it. The 1st pic shows the blinking update button, which means that I should update. Then I click on update and the smal circle is showing (2nd pic) which means that it's updating. But in fact I can run the program hours and hours and it never finishes. 

When I use my laptop I don't have this problem. On my laptop everything works although it's worse than my pc. But when I use my PC which is better than my laptop I have no chance to use the program.

What's wrong? I use a PC with Win 7 32-bit, 3 GB Ram, AMD Phenom 9600 Quad-Core-Processor. I got tons of free space on my harddrive and my internet connection is working without problems.

It seems like that footbe is getting updates, scores are working for example (you can see the current score of Ural v. Ufa). Right now it's 16:18 in Germany and I am running the update since 16:09. Nothing happens, update still running.

I've reinstallted footbe a thousand times and it didn't help. I also tried running it as Admin but this doesn't help either.


#2 Radimson

46 Posts

2015-09-15 07:18

Did you try both basic and full versions?

#3 wudl83

12 Posts

2015-09-18 10:51

Yes, both versions work on my laptop but on the other side both versions don't work on my pc. Don't know why. It's not that big of a problem as long as it works on my laptop, but I was simply curious if anybody else has seen this problem as well.

#4 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-09-19 08:04

We've released version 2.0.2, app should be updated automatically. If auto-update fails for some reason, please download the latest version from our site:

#5 wudl83

12 Posts

2015-09-19 10:38

Okay I'll try, thanks Eugene and Radimson.

#6 wudl83

12 Posts

2015-09-26 11:04

After an update to v2.0.2 build 1251 it's working on my PC. Problem solved. Thank you.

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