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games without suggestion

Started by romain86 - August 17, 2014

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#1 romain86

44 Posts

2014-08-17 16:57

Hello, when the software does not announce paris on a match, this is due to what?

This post was edited by romain86 (2014-08-18 01:45, 8 years ago)

#2 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-08-19 06:47

We suggest to bet on the events considered to be profitable in a long run. If footbe estimated probability is lower than the bookie's one, we don't recommend to bet on such event. Sometimes our estimates are very close to the bookies ones, in that case we can't recommend to bet on any of event.

You can find more information about 'value betting' approach here or here.

#3 romain86

44 Posts

2014-08-20 01:04

thank you for the reply I understand better, 
last question, are that once in prediction (Suggested Bets) is announced example: Terek Win. Friday, 22/08/2014 and well (Suggested Bets) can be changed from 60 to 15 minutes before kick-off or not?

#4 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-08-20 06:20

Probabilities depend on starting lineups, so of course once lineups are announced (usually 30-45 mins before the game) the prediction is changed according to actual lineups. The probabilities based on actual lineups are more accurate than those based on preliminary (forecasted) lineups. Changes in probabilities often alters Footbe's suggestion, that's the main point of using starting lineups data. You will generally have best results by utilizing the suggestions based on confirmed starting lineups.

#5 gabrijel

57 Posts

2014-08-22 17:04

Hi Eugene !

First of all I have to congratulate you about great job about Footbe software!

I have few similar question like ˝ romain86 ˝!

Do you have comparison of forecasts, before and after the announcement of starting lineups  and how much is their differences ?

I am asking this because, if someone would like to cover all matches that Footbe forecasts, he have to be with computer all weekend as some leagues starting on friday evening and finish on monday evening,which is almost impossible?For example the all English Championship mathces are starting always  at the same time except one match,so that league is not problem but with other leagues is big problem for me ....So, I wonder to know about deviation if I close all bets on Friday ?

Thanks and sorry for my english !

#6 romain86

44 Posts

2014-08-22 17:43

some match rank is indicated but there is no suggestion. what is your opinion on this situation?

#7 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-08-23 12:15

Could you please provide us with an example of such a match?

#8 romain86

44 Posts

2014-08-23 18:55

I think it was the match Heracles / Cambuur there was rank D in X2, but nothing in (Suggested Bets) even by pressing (Update)

#9 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-08-24 05:55

We suggest 3-Way result events only, we're going to add suggestions for other events later, once we collect enough data to be able to implement reliable strategy.

#10 romain86

44 Posts

2014-08-27 19:54

and when footbe suggests a bet for example at (marathonbet or others) draw. 
and in BetClick or other, no suggestion. 
how is that in there? 

#11 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-08-28 11:08

Suggestions are based on the difference between our predicted value and bookie's odds. So recommendation can change due to change either of our prediction or bookie odds value. Sometimes insignificant changes in odds lead to change of recommendation, it's expected.

To better understand how our recommendations work please check "How your suggestions work? Why not always event with maximum probability is suggested?" in our FAQ.


#12 romain86

44 Posts

2014-08-29 02:03

So if I use Bwin or BetClick, follow the suggestions for Bwin or BetClick. 
although in (top bets of the week) the prognosis is different?

#13 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-08-30 05:28

If you use only these 2 bookmakers, you should select them on Home -> Bookmakers page.

Than all predictions (including Top Bets of the Week) will be based on these 2 bookies odds only.


#1 bookies.jpg

#14 romain86

44 Posts

2014-08-30 11:24

Today there is no thread waiting for Sheff / Nottm Forest 
while: top game of the week .. 
will you added any other book ?

This post was edited by romain86 (2015-05-20 18:14, 7 years ago)

#15 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-08-30 17:53

#530 romain86:

Today there is no thread waiting for Sheff / Nottm Forest 
while: top game of the week .. 
will you added any other book in fr (pmu ..)?

Could you please be more specific? What do you mean?


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