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Update time showing in formation tab

Started by wudl83 - December 13, 2014

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#1 wudl83

12 Posts

2014-12-13 08:26

Hey guys, small suggestion.

Maybe it would be possible to show the time of the last update on the formations of a match in the respective screen?

I know you change the lineups frequently and the app is based mainly on the starting lineups. But I think you don't have the chance/time to update all games with the newest infos before the game.

E.g. footbe places a suggested lineup of a Saturday's game on the noon of Thursday and then on the afternoon or evening of Thursday some news come out. Now (at least I think so and I don't want to blame you) footbe doesn't update it right when the news came out.

But since not everyone can wait for the starting lineups or has access to footbe 24/7, it would be nice to tell us when the last update on a game took place, so we know when to change the suggested lineups manually.

Or is this already implemented and I didn't see it?



#2 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-12-14 05:47

Thank you for suggestion.

Indeed, we're not able to track news on every team online, so we update players status and lineups two times a week, and second update takes place day before the game or same day the game played around 10 a.m. gmt. After this second update the last one is once starting lineups are announced, which is the final change providing with the most accurate predictions.

So if you're not able to track our predictions online in order to place bets on starting lineups, I suggest to place bets once a day after 10 a.m. (for the current day only). Lineups we set up are quite close to what we get, and final results of our recommendations are quite the same.

We will think how to notify users with our updates during the week.

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