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Access violation

Started by nogare - January 10, 2015

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#1 nogare

5 Posts

2015-01-10 14:30

After the last update I randomly get this message: 

Access violation at address 00828xF5 in module "footbe.exe". Read of address 00000000. 

After clicking at "Ok" it appears againg und again. Any ideas? 


#2 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-01-11 06:37

How often does it appear? Does it affect the work of the app?

#3 nogare

5 Posts

2015-01-11 10:32

It appears randomly after 5-10 minutes every time I start the application. After closing the window it pops up again and you have to restart the application again. 

#4 nogare

5 Posts

2015-01-19 21:01

Any update on this? It is really annoying and makes it almost imposible to use the software. And that on the other hand makes my premium account useless. 

#5 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-01-19 21:20

Unfortunately the problem is not resolved yet. The main difficulty is that it's really hard to reproduce an error. We will extend you premium subsciption once we resolve the issue, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

Added 21 minutes later:

Could you please contact me in skype - eugene.tarabanovsky, and we will try to resolve the problem. Thank you.

This post was edited by Eugene (2015-01-19 21:44, 7 years ago)

#6 carkavelos

1 Posts

2015-02-05 23:15

I have the same problem.

#7 imak

4 Posts

2015-02-10 16:32

Same problem. Windows 7 64bit. Footbe ver. 1.80 1227. ''Access violation at address 008283F5 in module 'footbe.exe'. Read of address 00000000.'' Again and again and again! The program does not terminate but I get very often this message.

This post was edited by imak (2015-02-10 18:55, 6 years ago)

#8 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-02-11 08:07

We're still working on the issue.

#9 Joschka

29 Posts

2015-05-23 14:04

Updates? Happens every single day

#10 pof

3 Posts

2015-05-23 14:51


A problem with the sofware?

I've no confirmed linups and no week 40 in the history tab that's blocked on match Arsenal-Sunderland (20.05.15 at 20:45) in week 39.

I'v downloaded v1.9.6 beta build 1239 full few minutes ago but nothing happens...


#11 Joschka

29 Posts

2015-07-16 22:53

I manually updated to 1.9.9 a couple of minutes ago. After starting the software the usual "Access violation" popups appear a million times and the software freezes...

#12 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-07-17 04:38

Can you provide with detailed information (error screen)? The problem is that I can't reproduce the error, on every PC I got access to there is no problem like this.

#13 Joschka

29 Posts

2015-07-17 07:09


#14 gabrijel

57 Posts

2015-07-17 07:22

Hi Eugene !

My problem is that when I open app, I can not see icon (  home,tactics,wizards....)  on screen I just see black screen, but when I moving mouse over that black screen ,some icon is visible...?

#15 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-07-17 16:55

Guys, did you try to run it using different GPUs (in case you have both Intel's integrated and nVidia dedicated)?

Added 29 seconds later:

Could you please contact me in skype - eugene.tarabanovsky, and I will help to resolve the problem.


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