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Footbe Localization Program

Started by Stam - February 17, 2015

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#16 Stam

48 Posts

2015-02-23 00:39

@Joschka: We already have a German translator, but we'll contact you should we need help with it.

@figosv @d0n @Glidarn @FredBostrom @Arne: Please check your private messages for instructions.

@mm: Arne is a long-time footbe user and we decided to choose him instead. Still, if there's additional help needed, we'll cntact you.

@acharis: That's fine, our top priority languages are not the only ones we're looking to add. However, we already have a Slovak translator, but I need to check with Eugene regarding Czech. Will get back to you on that.

This post was edited by Stam (2015-02-23 00:50, 8 years ago)

#17 jcrbaeta

1 Posts

2015-02-23 00:40

Hi, i can translate to Portuguese if you need. Thanks !

#18 Stam

48 Posts

2015-02-23 11:49

@acharis: We are positive to assign you on the Czech language. Check your private messages for instructions.

@jaydada1: Thanks for your interest. Even though we don't currently feel Nigeria is a prospective market for our app, we are happy to assign the task to you.

@jcrbaeta: Someone else declared interest in Portuguese already, but we haven't heard back from him yet. So you could undertake the task if you confirm my private message faster :)

#19 maupan

2 Posts

2015-02-26 16:59

I can translate it to greek and german, but I think there should be some sort of payment involved and not only the subscription.

      with regards,   Panagiotis Mavroskolidis

P.s your programm is great ,not perfect but great.

This post was edited by Stam (2015-02-26 19:34, 8 years ago)

#20 Stam

48 Posts

2015-02-26 19:37

@maupan: Thanks for your interest. I have just completed the translation in Greek and it should be made available soon for public use. For German, we already have a translator assigned. We believe the lifetime premium subscription is sufficient compensation for this task.

#21 ipy

2 Posts

2015-03-01 00:46

hello! I can translate it to Romanian if you need.good luck!

#22 duduwar

2 Posts

2015-03-01 07:00

Hey, I can translate to Hebrew. Best wishes.

#23 Stam

48 Posts

2015-03-07 09:37

I'll be contacting everyone who has declared interest via email as most of you seem to miss the private messages I've sent :)

#24 ipy

2 Posts

2015-03-09 14:56

i saw my name there for romanian translation but i did not receive any email.just wanted to confirm my interest again in doing the translation.good day!

This post was edited by Stam (2015-03-09 20:58, 8 years ago)

#25 acharis

14 Posts

2015-03-11 10:26

@Stam, first, thank you for choosing me,

second, is possible to improve your language editor and add search. Sometimes I don't see dependencies with other text and so sometimes it is difficult to find out proper meaning. After review of the translation in the footbe program it is clear, but than I need to find that variable and correct the translation :)

This post was edited by acharis (2015-03-11 10:36, 8 years ago)

#26 Stam

48 Posts

2015-03-11 13:33

@acharis: I had a similar problem/request when I was working on the Greek translation, but after a few minutes of scrolling through the variables it's not so hard to identify what is what. However, as this is feature which has been requested before (in private), we'll add it soon (but can't promise you an exact date).

#27 acharis

14 Posts

2015-03-11 13:39

@Stam I have already 25% translated, so it is no big problem, but when I will have to make som correction, it maybe be :)

#28 acharis

14 Posts

2015-03-13 20:30

Thank you for emplementing search function to the new version:)

#29 acharis

14 Posts

2015-03-18 20:41

@Stam and all, I send you czech translation at 15th of March, but I have no response. Is everything all right?

#30 Stam

48 Posts

2015-03-19 12:41

@acharis: Sorry for the delay. I've passed your language file to Eugene and we'll look to implement it with the next update. Thanks!


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