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show off your profits here

Started by adamwalker22 - March 08, 2015

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#16 romain86

44 Posts

2015-03-16 22:26

me too and the worst is that I made the childish mistake, increase my Unit of the Week # 29 for the end of the season..
impatient see again the week green..

#17 adamwalker22

8 Posts

2015-03-16 22:56

i started with £700 on #29 i now have like £120 lol last season on average footbe won 10%ish per week soo what im doing is i multiply how much i have by 2  and then divide by 50 and thats how much ill bet on each game for that given week. 

#18 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-03-17 15:08

It's the worst streak from the launch. Since the week #28 we accumulated -48 points of losses. This is the worst result ever.

We believe low accuracy of recent predictions is related to eurocup and national games taking place during February - early March, and a lot of teams and players don't perform as it's expected due to low physical condition and/or morale, which are not take into account currently in our statistical models, which are based mostly on players/teams performance in the league.

We started to work on importing all available data related to side competitions, such as national team games, cups etc. We're going to perform deep analysis of this data on a player level in order to assess how exactly eurocups and national team games affects players performance.

And we expect improvement of our results soon as it was previous season.

#19 adamwalker22

8 Posts

2015-03-23 20:42

When will this streak ever end

#20 Stam

48 Posts

2015-03-25 00:07

It's disappointing especially for us, but we're confident things will turn around starting with the next round.


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