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What is the future?

Started by acharis - May 04, 2015

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#1 acharis

14 Posts

2015-05-04 08:59

Regarding to the last problems with website, not very impessive prediction, no new information about localisation program, I want to ask you, what you are preparing for the future?

#2 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-05-05 13:52

We missed games yesterday and on Friday due to unexpected problem. We're sorry for this and as compensation extended premium subscriptions for a week.

FInally, we were able to recover data lost due to reasons we never could expect. Within couple of days we will add all missed weekly reports.

Regarding the future, we have finished import of all games where players from our teams are involved, such as national cups, european cups including qualifying, and national team games. Now we have really huge db with a lot of useful data which hopefully will help us to increase accuracy of our models. Currently we're working on new data investigation and looking for a way to get benefit of using them.

At the same time we're working on implementation of Turkish Superleague, and continue development of resposnive web-based version.

#3 Radimson

46 Posts

2015-05-17 17:20

Hi Eugene,

will be the web-based version ready for the next season?

#4 Stam

48 Posts

2015-05-19 06:12

We are doing our best to prepare a fully responsive web-based version and we are confident it will be ready before next season kicks off.

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