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Selection e-mail/Whatsapp service partnership

Started by SportstraderNL - August 19, 2015

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#1 SportstraderNL

5 Posts

2015-08-19 22:08

I started following Footbe since this week and I am quite excited about the application. However, unfortunately it is not possible yet to receive the selections by e-mail or via a push service. I know the guys are working on an Web-app, but I heard this will take a while still.

The problem I have, and I'm sure more will, is that I don't have my laptop always with me.. Therefore, sometimes I will miss the confirmed line-up bets..
Today I got the predicted line-up bets, today with succes, but I saw on the forum that there is a significant difference in profits in the long-term.
Therefore, I was thinking about a solution for this today.

Now I was thinking the following:
Please PM me if if U want to join. every week we look at the fixtures and make a schedule.

Everybody who participate has to be Premium, ofcourse...
Every participant fills in their availability: For example,  I am not able to be on my laptop on Wednesday night.Someone else is available and shares the confirmed line-up bets with the rest of the participants in a Whatsapp group.... Another option could be an e-mail service, but I think this will be more complicated.

Please let me know if someone would like to participate in this! I'm looking for people who are trustworthy and reliable!

#2 thor

4 Posts

2015-08-24 17:19

Good idea in theory but I think it would take a lot of time to write all of these recommended bets to Whatsup.


Edit. We all are using slightly different bookies and recommended bets depends on them. Any ideas on this?

This post was edited by thor (2015-08-26 18:20, 7 years ago)

#3 SportstraderNL

5 Posts

2015-08-24 21:15

I don't think it's a lot of time to do that! U just type the bets: Athletic - Barca Draw, or even a picture of the ticket...
For sure, it saves time, I can't afford to be around my laptop all day, unfortunately!

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