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Some problems with latest version

Started by - September 05, 2015

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2015-09-05 16:38


I'm trying your product and I've downloaded v2.0 beta build 1249 Basic from your website (detailed version is 1249 dbupdate #9403).

The potential is great and graphics looks very cool. I really like it, nice work.

Though I'm having two problems:

  • first one is quite annoying on Windows 8.1 (but I guess also on older OS) : the UI keeps flickering everytime the mouse is moved. Seems like it tryes to update the view even if nothing changed. This happens very frequently and sometimes it creates entire black regions of the view.
    It's not easy to attach screenshot of this since the flickering is not catchable (I should make you a video), by the way the result is that you have inconsistent navigation (I want to see something but then I see something else)
    Here I was looking for match details Odds

    Here I was trying to see the preview for Everton match instead (you see the head2head and so on menu) but it shows the fixtures)
  • second one happens after browsing a little bit the program 

Maybe these are known problems.

Keep doing this great work, really appreciate it.

Best regards

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