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Started by HJKL002 - December 29, 2015

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#1 HJKL002

3 Posts

2015-12-29 13:07

I want to make a payment.... Am in Ghana but i do not have credit card or paypay... is there any other way i can make the payment? Please advice me..

Thank you.

Added 1 minute later:

I want to suscribe.. But am in Ghana and don't have credit card or paypal.. Is there any other way?


#2 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-12-29 13:39

We accept a few more payment methods, but they're not fully automized. Please contact us at support _at_ and we will assist you on this. Thank you.

#3 HJKL002

3 Posts

2015-12-29 14:13

Am trying to on the site you gave me.... But it's not opening...(support _at_ Is it the same as support _at_

This post was edited by Eugene (2015-12-29 16:21, 8 years ago)

#4 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-12-29 16:21

Yes, it's the same.

#5 HJKL002

3 Posts

2015-12-30 13:58

Okay i have webmoney? How much for one month? And to which account do i send it?

Added 22 minutes later:

I have download footbe on my desktop... And i have used it for 3 days now.. am trying to open it today it says problem has accoured and they will contact me if there is any solution?...What will i do?

This post was edited by HJKL002 (2015-12-30 14:20, 8 years ago)

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