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Web version of footbe

Started by ahsoon - February 23, 2014

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#1 ahsoon

12 Posts

2014-02-23 15:47

Im not sure if this has been suggested before but i would love to see a web version being implemented. Firstly, it allows user to view it on their smartphone anywhere anytime. Secondly, users will also have the versatility of viewing footbe on any computer they are on. I really like the current one, the web version suggestion is just an alternative for smartphone apps.

#2 Eugene

470 Posts

2014-02-23 16:50

Regarding development of clients for other platforms we have next plan:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows Phone
  4. Native Mac app
  5. web (probably)

#3 spirit

13 Posts

2015-06-06 19:22

I think footbe stands out from many services out there with its own special signature as a windows software application. getting it on the iOS and android is cool. But i dont see how most of the features in this software can fit into a web app. Besides theres the advantage of still being able to work with the software even when there is no internet connection and you may only need internet to get the latest updates and that to me is a lot of intelligence with clever implimentation from footbe developers.

#4 Eugene

470 Posts

2015-06-24 06:51

Due to lack of resources and time we decided to change our plans, so currently we're working on a simplified web-version, which will allow to cover all platforms. Of course, it will be far from windows app in terms of functionality, but still it will make our predictions available on any platform. We hope to launch the very first version of the web-version before the start of a new season.

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