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Splendid application. I've been looking for a betting assist like this for years and I'm glad to finally have found one that does not come with loads of advertisements or other spam. It is probably the best around by far and it's so easy to use. Everything about the teams is in there, I was literally amazed when I first used it. Big thumbs up guys!

Hannes Van MeirhaegheHannes Van Meirhaeghe
Footbe user


It's a very informative application, that if used right, can give lots of ideas for betting strategies and ways of making extra money.

Simon Pansy VisserSimon Pansy Visser
Footbe user

Delighted with this amazing tool. I had been trying to do in excel what you have in here, with the players and formations before game, but it was a very heavy task, but this... auch... it is just one click away! Woooow... years ahead of competition in this area.

Luis DomingosLuis Domingos
Footbe user


It's incredibly detailed. I'd always wished something like this existed, and would have made something like it myself had I any programming talent. I'm just interested to see how the probabilities translate into results. Fantastic job guys.

Carl WhitwellCarl Whitwell
Footbe user


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Footbe is quite simply one of the best betting tools I've seen. Gives you quick & easy access to football data & statistics.



A statistical haven amid the plethora of betting services, the ‘Footbe’ app strives to fully immerse you in the world of football betting.


What you should expect to get from using this? How about unparralled knowledge and insights to make your bets more successful? That’s Footbe. Valued betting predictions that will enable you to place perfect bets.

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